The Louisiana Neurological Society recognizes that decisions regarding the practice of Neurology and patient care in Louisiana are being made without input by Neurologists.   As Physicians we can make a difference by working together towards our common goals.


Towards this end the Louisiana Neurological Society has formed to improve collegiality among Neurologists, Neurosurgeons and Neuroscientist statewide and meet educational needs.


Our goals include:

1.   Improve the practice of Adult and Child Neurology in Louisiana.  Possible issues to discuss include reimbursement difficulties or the paperwork burden imposed upon us by the insurance industry.

2.   Promote a sense of community and provide networking opportunities.

3.   Advocate on behalf of our patients.  For example - ensure that Pharmacies do not substiturte generic anti-convulsants without proper authorization.  We can fight to eliminate the barriers patients face attempting to access needed care.

4.  Support education endeavors for our members.

5.  Encourage and promote clinical research initiatives to involve our members and their practices.