Historical Background

The society was originally organized in 1938 by a group of neurosurgeons, neurologists and psychiatrists. The original founders were Drs. Dean H. Echols and Gilbert Anderson. The early bylaws of the Society state that it was established in order " to promote the study of all subjects pertaining to the sciences of neurology and psychiatry, and to foster the benefit of neurology and psychiatry in the treatment of nervous and mental diseases in the community". The first meeting was held in the home of Dr. Echols and was thereafter held monthly in the different homes of its members.

In 1961 the Society divided into two groups, one group would encompass the psychiatrists in the membership and would later become the Louisana Psychiatric Association.  The other group made up of the neurologist and neurosurgeons would become the New Orleans Neurological Society. This latter group continued to meet albeit sometimes sporadically. Distinguished members that struggled to continue to meet were Drs. Patricia Cook, Gregory Ferris, Caroline Duncan,Carolyn Clawson,David Kline, Thomas Krefft, and Terence D'Souza.

In 2006 the Society met and passed a resolution and amended its bylaws to rename itself the Louisiana Neurological Society and once again embrace it's founding mission of promoting education and advocay in the neurosciences and striving to have a board based membership.