Article 1      NAME

The name shall be changed to the NEW ORLEANS AND LOUISANA NEUROLOGY SOCIETY.


Article 2      Organization

There shall be three divisions or chapters to the organization: the New Orleans, the Baton Rouge, and the Shreveport chapters. The Baton Rouge and Shreveport chapters shall send a representative to the executive committee in New Orleans. Each chapter may hold its individual meetings.


Article 3      Membership


Section 1      Eligibility

Neurologist and related medical specialties who are board-certified or board-eligible and who are licensed in Louisiana are eligible for ACTIVE membership.


Neuroscientist and allied health professionals who are duly degreed of licensed may apply for ASSOCIATE membership. Neurologists and other related medical specialist who meet all the other qualifications except a Louisiana medical license may join in this category.


An HONORARY membership may be conferred on an individual for his outstanding contribution to clinical neurology or the neurological sciences.


Medical students, interns, and residents may apply for a TRAINING membership. They may be eligible for an award each year.


Section 2      Election of Members

Application for membership shall be forwarded to the secretary. A majority vote of the membership after approval by the executive committee constitutes election to membership.                         


Section 3      Privileges

The right to vote and to hold office in the organization shall be vested in the active membership.


Section 4      Dues

The dues shall be set by the executive committee and approved by a majority of the membership. Only the active and associate members shall pay dues. Failure to pay dues is cause for dismissal from the organization.


Section 5     List of Membership

The secretary shall prepare a list of all members and be made available to the membership.


Article 4     Officers


Section 1      Eligibility and Tenure of Office

Only active members may serve as officers of the organization.


There shall be a president-elect, secretary, and treasurer. The president-elect shall automatically become president in the succeeding term. There shall also be a counselor of distinction.

All officers shall serve for two years. The officers shall take office on the first day of July every two years.


Section 2      Nominations

Nominations of officers shall be made by nominating committee appointed by the president and approved by the executive committee. The committee shall consist of three members, one of whom shall be or have been an officer of the society. One or more candidates shall be presented for each office open for election. Nomination may also be received from the floor.


Section 3      Elections

The election of officers shall take place at the last meeting of the society (usually May or June) every other year. A majority of the votes cast shall constitute an election.


Section 4      Duties of the Officers

The president shall preside at the meetings, meetings of the executive committee, appoint members to standing committees, from ad hoc committees and appoint members to them. He also shall arrange for all meetings especially the annual meeting. He shall appoint a program chairman for the annual meeting in May or June.


The president-elect shall assume the duties of the president in his absence. He also shall serve as the liaison to the American Academy of Neurology.


The secretary shall keep minutes of all society meetings, serve as archivist, and send out meeting announcements in a timely fashion.


The treasure shall collect dues and assessments and pay expenses of the society, He shall keep the funds in a federally insured bank checking account and render an accounting at executive committee and annual meetings.


The counselor of distinction shall serve to advise and counsel to maintain cohesiveness of the society.


Article 5       Executive Committee

The executive committee shall mange the affairs of the society in the best interests of the society and in accordance with its purpose as expressed in the constitution.


The executive committee shall be composed of all the officers, the chapter representatives, the immediate past president, and a representative at large (who is to be elected with the officers).


The president shall call a meeting od this committee as he deems necessary.


Any vacancy occurring in the executive committee shall be filled for the remaining term by a majority vote of the remaining executive committee present and voting.


Article 6      Meetings

The society shall meet at least once a year usually in May or June. The secretary shall notify all members of the date and time.
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